Byzantine Journey 1: Get Ahead with St Peter

Get Ahead with St Peter
9th – 14th May, 2021

Six-day retreat course. Foundational painting skills, mixing and blending flesh colours, painting features.

Course Fee: £110.00 GBP (£90.00 GBP for previous Icon Adventurers)
Course length: 20 hours +
Contact time: 9 hours (6 x approx 1.5 hours daily 2 pm BST Zoom sessions)
Independent Study: 11 – 13 hours
(Materials not included)

Link to St Peter icon

This six-day online course will concentrate on the essential skills of blending flesh colours and painting facial features in the Byzantine tradition and will be delivered online via daily live zoom sessions and pre-recorded material.You will be directed to complete various stages in advance of each zoom session with remote support provided.

Description: St Peter is a quite literally a foundational figure to the Christian story and therefore central to the iconography of both Eastern and Western Christendom.

Painting: Inspired by the classic, late Byzantine icon of St Peter (c.1320) in the collection of the British Museum (see link above), we will paint our own version of this work and concentrate on the vital skills of mixing flesh colours, blending flesh tones, depicting facial features and hair. We will also work on the Byzantine system for the proportions of the face. Gilding is optional.

Learning: As a group, we will explore and compare the functional, iconographic and formal aspects of the Byzantine icon and it’s Italo-Byzantine and Trecento counterparts.

Contemplating: On the spiritual side, we will think about the two letters of Peter, his life, his role and his message.

Booking: Please email to request a booking form. Places are limited and priority will be given to clients who have previously had their courses postponed due to the pandemic.
N.B., a minimum number of participants is required for this course to go ahead. Deadline 25th April.

Resources included: Icon patterns, colour copies, handouts, continuing access to recorded material.

Specialist materials required: There are options on the type of painting ground/support and paints you can use for this project, according to your level and budget. A list with further details can be found by following the link below. Participants will be sent a full kit-list before the start of the course.

specialist materials list

Level: The courses are suitable for all levels, but those new to icon painting should note the there will be a (long) list of materials and equipment to obtain and the painting process will probably take longer than expected.

Platforms, Delivery & Support: The courses will blend live Zoom sessions and pre-recorded content,supported via Google Classroom and Whatsapp. Details of how to access the Google Classroom resources will be sent in advance. Individual mentoring will be available via zoom and Whatsapp.

IT Requirements: Laptop/desktop/large tablet with good audio facility and reliable internet/wi-fi, a smart phone and email.

Icon Boards: Students will be able to buy professional, gessoed icon painting boards direct and exclusively from reserved stock. Please see the Icon Painting Supplies page for more details.